Friday, October 18, 2013

Are garden gnomes allowed in the Empire State Building?

Does anyone know if foot tall garden gnomes are allowed in the Empire State Building?  You see, Mike and I are preparing for our next big adventure, but I'd like to make it through one vacation together where I'm not approached by security.

It feels almost wrong to be considering taking a "Flat Mike" on a popsicle stick to the BIG CITY of big cities.  What if, by some miracle, I run into somebody of note and I don't have the real life thing...just some laminated image on a stick?  They'll think I'm weird.  

Yes.  I know the real life thing is a bit weird too, but don't knock it til you've tried it.  Garden gnomes are great conversation starters, and for folks who hate having their pictures taken, they make for a great alternative.  Can't you just see it?  Mike the Garden Gnome checking out the city through one of those binocular thingies on the top of the Empire State Building?  Or reenacting the scene from Ghostbusters in the New York Public Library?  Or looking like a small fish in a big sea in Times Square?

Luckily my best friend and fellow New York go-er isn't afraid of a good Mike the Garden Gnome photo-op. Life's too short to be embarrassed by lawn ornaments.

This will be my first journey to the Big Apple.  I'm pretty darned excited to say the least (less than a month away!)  So maybe I begged my best friend to go because I really want to see Zachary Levi on Broadway, she's a good sport, and a great friend. We plan on hitting the big museums and spending some time in Central Park, but any other attractions or restaurants we must see?  Looking for ideas to make this trip as awesome as it can be.  We both could really use some awesome.

And yeah...I'd love to get your opinion on the "real" Mike vs. "flat" Mike.  How many security officers would I be likely to meet if I decide to walk around with a foot tall ceramic statue?

See you next week!

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  1. I don't know if Mike is allowed at the Empire State Building. But I'm guessing that no one will think you are weird. It is New York. You will see crazier things, I'm sure.

    And I loved Battery Park. Not sure if you're going to see Miss Liberty, but it's the park across the water from her.


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