Monday, September 23, 2013

Just Turn Your Items In On Time!

Q&A: The Librarian Way - Library Fines

They are, in some shape or form, a part of every librarian's job...library fines.  On today's Q&A, Julia and I sat down to talk about fines in our libraries, the good and the bad, and whether it is a library's job to teach responsibility.  It was a surprising conversation that shows the difference between school and public libraries, but one that always leads back to the main goal, promoting literacy and information.  And as always...there's a fun question at the end.  Stay tuned to find out who are our celebrity crushes :)


  1. I love these videos:) And I am jealous of your fines. Our library just raised ours to a quarter a day and it is KILLING me.

    1. Come on're so close! It's not like three beautiful babies, a crazy household, blogging, and crafts galore should get in the way of finishing a book on time :)

    2. ha! It is ridiculous because I am so close :) The sad part is that I usually finish them on time. I just forget to return them.

  2. If only we could stop people from graduating until they returned library materials in the public library!


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