Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Flight Volume 1: a graphic novel review

Editor: Kazu Kibuishi
Info: Villard, copyright 2007, 208 pages 

A review in 10 words (or thereabouts): A graphic novel of short stories that wows artistically but fails literally.

Flight Volume One features stories by professionals and non-professionals alike, all playing on the theme of flight in its many incarnations. From the maiden voyage of a home-built plane to the adventures of a young courier and his flying whale to a handful of stories about coming of age and letting things go, this first volume of Flight is full of memorable tales that will both amaze and inspire.

~Goodreads Description~

Much to the chagrin of Becky, our Teen Librarian, I have a distaste for short story fiction.  I like character development, plot building, and backstory.  I don’t like being dropped into the middle of a story, forced to play catch-me-up, and left unsatisfied after three whole pages.  Flight is a graphic novel of short stories.  The artwork is exceptional.  Each artist has created images that are different, creative, and beautiful in their own way.  It was the storytelling that disappointed me.  Not one story grabbed my attention, left me wanting more.  I felt like I was slogging through each, and this short graphic novel took me FOREVER to read.

Personally, this particular title was just not for me.  If you like short stories and are ready to be wowed by artistic talents, definitely give it a try.  And I’m all for a lively discussion about what I’m missing!

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