Friday, August 2, 2013

Library GrabBag: I solemnly swear I am up to no good
School is just around the corner which means fresh faces and fun in the Teen Room.  I'm kind of ready.  Not that I don't appreciate the summer quiet, I'm definitely ready to get back to a routine, enjoy the company of after school regulars, and marvel at the two month growth spurts that always take me off guard.

The school year also means are clubs are back in action.  We have a new Teen Advisory Board member hosting the Harry Potter Club this fall, so I thought it would be time to get a plan together.  Oh, how there is a plethora of Potter related activities to choose from.  I think this session we'll step away from following the books and take a theme approach.  Here's what I've been thinking:

August - House Proud
  • The Sorting Hat is ready to place you in a house!  Who will win the House Cup this year?
  • House Pop Quiz - How much do you know about your new house and housemates?
  • Harry Potter Clue - Survive the game to win points for your house (House points!)
September - Quidditch
  • Quidditch trivia - rules and plot (House points!)
  • Indoor Quidditch Tournament
October - The Three Musketeers
  • Harry, Ron, and Hermione Trivia (House points!)
  • Pocket Potter Pillows - Miniature versions using fabric markers
November - Potions  & Spells
  • Wizards Duel - Yell out the definition of a spell, the first to come up with the correct spell wins a point (House Points!)
  • Potions class - Can you say...dry ice?  Yay!
December - Hogwarts: A History
  • Hogwarts trivia - how well do you know the school and it's students? (House points!)
  • Hogwarts charades - Name that character, book, plot point (House points!)
Eventually I'd like to tackle runes and divination (decipher the runes), care of magical creatures (make a monster book), and all things Snape (best Snape impression??!!)

Any other ideas?

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