Friday, July 12, 2013

Library GrabBag: It's gruesome. It's gory. It's AWESOME!

I like zombies.  I don't know why.  There's just something equally mysterious and exciting about the undead.  Would my love for zombies be as fierce without Simon Pegg and the absolutely hilarious Shaun of the Dead?   Probably not.  So we'll blame (or THANK) him. go along with our science fiction themed summer reading program, our Teen Services Department planned a monster makeup program.  Teens practiced creating fake bruises and gaping, oozing nasty wounds during an hour long program.

Tip:  Halloween makeup is very difficult to purchase in July.  Unlike "Christmas in July," there is no "Halloween in July." Lesson learned.

Supplies (total $22ish)
-Toliet paper
-Elmer's glue
-Light foundation
-Green, brown, black, purple, and red eyeshadow
-Fake blood

After much practice and a lot of YouTube tutorials, we were fairly successful.  It's all about the blending of colors, starting out with what matches your skin, and working until you find an ideal color pattern.  The bonus:  it totally freaks out the other patrons in the building.  No...I did not go around trying to scare the living daylights out of the senior folks roaming the stacks, but I might have smiled a bit when it happened.  The program, as always, included some pretty weird conversations (teens talk about the darndest things!), and each teen had to come up with a scenario for how they received their wounds in an apocalypse.

A lot of fun!  I originally had 16 sign up but only 9 showed up which I'm extremely grateful for.  The smaller crowd worked much better.  I was able to provide one on one time when needed and everyone could see the demonstration easily.  So...yeah.  I definitely recommend trying a monster makeup program.  You don't have to be an expert, just willing to look really nasty!

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