Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Zita the Spacegirl: a graphic novel review

By Ben Hatke
FirstSecond; copyright 2011
192 pages

Zita’s life took a cosmic left turn in the blink of  an eye.

When her best friend is abducted by an alien doomsday cult, Zita leaps to the rescue and finds herself a stranger on a strange planet. Humanoid chickens and neurotic robots are shocking enough as new experiences go, but Zita is even more surprised to find herself taking on the role of intergalactic hero. Before long, aliens in all shapes and sizes don’t even phase her. Neither do ancient prophecies, doomed planets, or even a friendly con man who takes a mysterious interest in Zita’s quest.

~Goodreads Description~

Zita lesson number one - don't push the red button.  After finding a mysterious device in the rubble of a meteoroid, Zita finds herself on a strange planet looking for her kidnapped best friend Joseph.  Zita lesson number two - don't trust strangers.  After befriending Piper who wants to help repair the broken remote control, Zita embarks on a journey through foreign lands to a castle where Joseph is being held captive only to find out that her new friend is not all that he seems. 

Asteroids, monsters, cool stomping boots, this book is adorable.  Zita is a spunky heroine that is immediately endearing, and her new friends are loyal and fun.  Think The Wizard of Oz on a planet far, far away.  Kudos to the fantastic artwork as well.   

So what if it's shelved in the children's section, Zita the Spacegirl is most definitely a fun read.

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