Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Top 10 Words/Topics That Instantly Make Me Pick A Book

Top Ten Tuesday
Top 10 Words/Topics That Instantly Make Me Pick A Book
(Feature hosted by The Broke and The Bookish)

Fair warning...I'm going to cheat a little on two, but this is kind of a tricky list!  There's very little I won't read.  In fact, my list of instantly won't pick up pretty much stops at talking animals.  I don't like talking animals.  As for the pick-me-ups, basically, if the cover is pretty, I'm pretty likely to read.  But here are a few of my favorite words/topics.

  1. John Green - Laugh, cry, think, believe - a complete reading experience.
  2. Libba Bray - She could write medical brochures and I'd want to read them.  Inventive and sarcastic.
  3. Faeries - I like faeries.  I'm over werewolves and vampires, but faeries still top my favorites list.
  4. Zombies - The undead might just be the creepiest supernatural creature ever.  They used to be human.  You could turn a corner and see the hollow expression of any of your friends or family.  Terrifying!
  5. Apocalypse - Apocalypse often means dystopia, which is hands down one of my favorite genres.
  6. Fallen Angels - Next to faeries, still loving the fallen angel angle.  Not sure how much longer that will be a go-to topic with titles flooding the market, but the titles I've read keep this firmly on my list.
  7. Prague - Thrills, chills, ancient obstacles...Prague usually means an excellent read.
  8. Road Trip - Love me a good roadtrip story, especially if there are music playlists involved.
  9. Quiet, Artistic Boy - Um, dreamy.  Usually.  Most of the time.  Mysterious, loner boy who melts the heart of an unsuspecting girl.  Sigh.
  10. Fairytale - Retellings, revisitings, reimagings.  I grew up a fairytale kid, and I love the this trend of modernizing some of our most cherished stories.

So, yeah, there was a theme.  I love the supernatural, fantastical.  I love using my imagination and believing, even briefly, in the strange and unbelievable.

What's on your list?

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