Friday, April 12, 2013

Library GrabBag: Dreamcatchers

This week we tackled dreamcatchers in the Teen Room.  They were one of my favorite crafts as a child, and they are definitely easy to connect to a book...thanks Jacob and Bella.

Supplies (approximately $15 for 10 crafts):

  • Metal hoop (there are several sizes, I used a ring that was about 3" in diameter)
  • Yarn (or leather) (I used brown yarn)
  • Plastic cord (or sinew) (I used "white" plastic cord)
  • Feathers (optional)
  • Beads (optional) 

I found a great picture tutorial at Crafthabit.comThere are a huge variety of techniques.  This was the simplest that I found.  Basically, step (1) is wrapping yarn around the circumference of the metal ring, step (2) evenly loop the plastic cord around the ring and continue the process moving inward, step (3) decorate with feathers and beads. 

A suggestion:  To reduce waste and mess, build kits for each participant.  Pre-cut yarn and plastic cord and divide them into baggies.  I also put a few feathers into each bag.  This came in super handy for teens who couldn't stay for the entire craft hour.  The remaining supplies were already packed and ready for them to take home and complete.

Big craft for very cheap.  Give it a try!

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