Thursday, March 28, 2013

Library GrabBag: March Madness

This is the third and final week of our March Madness book edition passive program.   Each week the teens have had the opportunity to vote for their favorite books (or for those who haven't read the books, their favorite covers!).  The brackets included four genres (Dystopia/Historical Fiction & Realistic/Paranormal/Manga & Graphic Novel) and started with thirty-two titles.  At the end of this week we'll have the favorite books from each genre.  As always, teens receive a piece of candy for completing the week's brackets and are entered into a drawing for a prize at the end of each week.

The most exciting part of this particular program...the great book discussions!  The teens have been debating and arguing their picks for the last week, and for the most part, these are not teens that generally talk about books.  I don't even care if they are just picking covers, it's a start.

I've linked our voting cards below!

Round 1
Round 2
Round 3

And for the real March Madness: GO HOOSIERS!!

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