Friday, March 29, 2013

Library GrabBag: Celebrate April!

 Oh April, the budding days of Spring (unless you live in Indiana where apparently does not exist...).  There are tons of fun things you can plan at your library for the month of April.  Have a little fun and bring some fresh events to your community.

April is:

National Humor Month
  • Invite a comedian to your library
  • Host a best joke contest
  • Film a fun parody at your library
  • Host a no-laugh contest.  The last person not laughing wins!
International Guitar Month
  • Invite a local guitar shop to host a beginners class at your library
  • Or invite a local guitar shop to talk about different types of guitars at your library
  • Invite local college students (or musicians) to play at your library
  • Make guitars out of household items
National Poetry Month
  • Create a display of local poets
  • Offer magnetic poetry
  • Create a homeschool class to discuss different types of poems 
  • Invite patrons to share their own poems and share with the community
  • Host a poetry reading
April includes:

Library Week (2013 theme - Communities @ your library)
  • Highlight different team members on social media
  • Make posters of your library staff and post throughout the library
  • Throw yourself a party!
  • Ask community members to share how the library has impacted their lives
  • Offer tours of you library to community members
  • Invite community members to a special breakfast
Read a Road Map Week
  • Make collages and art work out of old road maps
  • Create a display of books across the country, mark where different books are set
  • Invite a local travel agent to present a program on roadtrips
  • Host a pack-you-bag speed contest
  • Host a geography fair for homeschoolers where students pick a destination and must include directions from their home and sightseeing options along the way
Garden Week
  • Invite a master gardener to your library
  • Invite a local landscaper to talk about garden design
  • Host a food program to get people thinking about spring and summer crops
  • Invite a local lawn care company to talk about pesticide

National Karaoke Week
  • Karaoke!  In the library!

Do you have any fun April themed programming planned?  Share!

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