Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Top 10 Bookish Memories

Top Ten Tuesday
Top 10 Bookish Memories
(Feature hosted by The Broke and the Bookish)
Oh...so many books, so many memories...so many shared memories.  It seems that most my memories include some other book-loving individuals.  I'm starting to think those are the best kind, discussion, shared enthusiasm, and the power of imagination.

1) Breaking Dawn release party - By the time Breaking Dawn was released I was done with Twilight.  As a librarian, Edward and Bella had been a part of my life for several years, and it was a friendship I was ready to leave behind.  But one of my teens invited me to the book party with her family.  So there I was in our local mall late at night with a gaggle of teens and their bored parents, eagerly awaiting the midnight release.  Despite my lack of enthusiasm for the book itself, the pure joy of watching teens shaking with excitement to get their hands on a book was pretty special.

2) Two Towers movie release - When Tolkien's fantastic world was set to come to the big screen, my family made a pact to read the books before seeing the movies.  No problem...well, maybe a little in the midst of grad school and a full time job.  Driving to the theater on Christmas Eve, our family tradition, I was hurriedly trying to finish The Two Towers, my younger brother glaring at me and fully prepared to make me wait in the car for the movie to finish if I didn't complete my assignment.  I read the last page as we pulled into the parking lot.  Close call.

3) Meeting John Green Part III - Part I - I was out of town, but my coworkers were going to a John Green book signing for Paper Towns and graciously agreed to allow Mike the Garden Gnome to tag along.  Mike met John way before I ever did.  Part II - John and Hank were hosting a nerdfighter event at a local high school and this time Mike took me along.  Part III - John was keynoting at a state conference and was signing books after his presentation.  When I approached the table John told me I looked familiar.  I explained that I had met him before with my traveling garden gnome, to which he responded, "Yes, you're the gnome girl."  Priceless.

4) Tweeting Veronica Rossi - I recently devoured Under the Never Sky and Through the Ever Night by Veronica Rossi.  After finishing the sequel, I tweeted about the book including Rossi's handle and got a tweet back.  Just a surreal moment realizing how small our world has become.  Gone are the days where you would have to write a litter and wait for a stock response.

5) Meeting Libba Bray - Enough said.

6) The Hunger Games @ GPL - With the release of the movie, my library hosted The Hunger Games for teens, a program that tested their knowledge of the book series, and included games and crafts.  Over thirty teens screamed out answers, battled for weapons, and desperately tried to be the last man standing.  A perfect example of book love.

7) Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - I locked myself in my room one summer day and read nonstop, appearing occasionally for food and kleenex, ignoring my family, and proving to be extremely moody.    Such a perfect, bittersweet end.

8) Discovering Lemony Snicket - My senior year of undergrad I was pretty sure I would never read a book again.  Having spent three years absorbed in interesting, yet long, history books, reading was not a high priority, especially reading for fun.  But then I found Lemony Snicket, the book that would bring me back to my love of fiction.

9) Thank you Cassie! Just found out not long ago that one of my favorite teens, a young lady I have had the pleasure to get to know over the last six years, reads my blog on a regular basis.  I had mentioned a book and she asked if it was one I had talked about on TheGnomingLibrarian.  Totally made my day.  Thanks Cassie!

10) Meeting the General - In the fourth grade I wrote a book.  It was for a school project on creative writing a book binding.  In the fourth grade, I was obsessed with Hoosier basketball and Bob Knight.  This past fall, Bob Knight came as a fundraiser for my library and my fourth grade masterpiece about the big IU vs. Purdue basketball game got signed.  Fourth grade Emily most definitely did a happy dance.

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