Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Top 10 Authors That I'd Put On My Auto-Buy List

Top Ten Tuesday
Top 10 Authors That I'd Put On My Auto-Buy List
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It's kind of funny how you really come to trust an author.  You trust them to take you out of reality for just a short time, whisk you away to strange lands, give you experiences you would never have in the real world, and take you on a journey where maybe you learn a little bit about yourself.  They are tour guides into fictional worlds that mirror our own.  And there are, of course, those authors who you connect to a little more than most.  The way they weave their words, tell their stories, resonates just a little louder in your heartbeat, making you laugh, cry, and dream that much more.

I've got a few authors that "have me at hello."  I need no more persuasion than to get a glimpse of a book cover.  

1) Libba Bray - Each story is unique.  Different.  Funny.  Sad.  Exciting.  She has a unique voice and sense of humor that I absolutely adore.

2) John Green - No other author, with the exception of Harper Lee, has made me just...feel...more than Green's books.  His characters are intelligent and thoughtful.  They say the words I wish I could find.

3) Sarah Dessen - Real people have real problems and finding real solutions.  She's not fluff, yet she's romantic and heartfelt.

4) Gayle Forman - I just love her writing style.  I love the way she tells a whole story from one perspective, and then gives you the opportunity to understand another.  

5) Veronica Rossi - She's new to my list, but I'm sold.  I loved the world she built, the characters she made me care about, and a resonating hope she can weave through the darkness.

6) Maggie Stiefvater - She knocked my socks off with The Scorpio Races and left me pleasantly hanging with the end of book one in The Raven Boys.

7) Jasper Fforde - Talk about a unique voice.  There is no one like Fforde who is witty and strange and amazingly draws you in to his own imagination.

8) Dean Koontz - When I just need a thrill, a genuine, not super gory thrill, he's the author I turn to.

9) Maureen Johnson - She can write funny; she can write sweet; she can write mystery; and she can tweet like nobody's business.

10) Pete Hautman - Hautman's work is so varied.  He's done dystopias and love stories; mysteries and vampires.  He always keeps me guessing.

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