Friday, February 1, 2013

Library GrabBag: GIANT Fun

Life-Size Lock-In 

Last week my library's Teen Advisory Board hosted the third annual Life-Size Lock-in.  That's right...GIANT fun!  We fill our community room's with classic board games with a twist, the teens are game pieces for Monopoly, Sorry, Candyland, and Twister (just for fun.)  The program has morphed through the years, but it is by far one of my favorite after hours events.

January seemed like a good fit for the event.  Tweens and teens fighting cabin fever would have something to look forward  and it gives me a few months to recuperate before Summer Reading hits. Our Teen Advisory Board decided to make the event a fundraiser.  All funds raised go toward teen programming.  Admission is $5, or with the donation of a non-perishable food item, $3.  Each year we raise about $150 which TAB budgets and spends.

With four different gaming sessions, each participate got to play each game one time.  Each session lasted 45 minutes, with 5 minutes inbetween to reset the games.  During each five minute intermission, participants raced around the building in search for red paper dice.  The teens put their names on each dice they found and at the end of the night, a prize was awarded to a lucky participant.

This year, we also scheduled time for Sardines, a crowd favorite which is infuriating because it is the one event that literally takes ZERO planning.  Oh well, they love it.  The teens get to run around the building with the lights off and scream to their hearts content.  Meanwhile, it gave us a few minutes to clean up before sending the participants home.

Costs the first year totaled about $150 for supplies to build each of the games.  This year, it cost me a total of $40 for 40 teens.  With the boards built, all I needed were a few small prizes and snacks.  The best part, I can pull them out whenever for an impromptu family program or a way to engage the teens after school.


  1. That's great! We've done Super Sized Monopoly a few times here. We painted cardboard (that comes with our jacket covers) as the spaces for the board, but I really like the look of yours!

    And yes, my teens love to play hide and seek and sardines in the (semi cause I'm afraid of the) dark.

    Love the fund raising part too!

  2. Hi! Could I get the files for the giant Sorry game? my email is Thanks so much!

  3. Is it possible to get the files for the sorry game? My email is Thanks!

  4. Hi. Is it possible to get the files for the sorry game? My email is Thanks a lot.

  5. Good Morning! Could I get the files for your sorry game? Thanks!

  6. I would love the files for the large sorry board! Thanks!!!

  7. Would I be able to get the files for your large game? My email is

  8. Would mind sending me the files to your Sorry game? thanks!!

  9. Could you please send me the files to your Sorry game?

    Thank you so much!


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