Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Top 10 Tuesday: Settings I'd Like to See More Of

Top Ten Tuesday
Top 10 Settings I'd Like to See More of

I'm generally not very picky about settings.  I'm a little over Prague, but that's my own fault really.  Every other book I've read lately has been set in Prague.  I'm really a sucker for imaginary lands...and futuristic America, so there's no particular place that interests me more than others.  But since this is a list that "requires" ten entries, here we go:

1) Victorian London - Because I love steampunk(ish) fiction.

2) Australia - Because, perhaps we'd get some awesome accented audiobook readers.

3) No particular tropical island - Because Libba Bray did it so well in Beauty Queens.

4) 1920s New York - Because apparently I'm on a Libba Bray kick and really want the sequel to Diviners.

5) Indianapolis - Because it was sooo much fun reading The Fault In Our Stars set in my hometown.

6) Italy - Because it could be just as creepy and ancient as Prague.

7) Ireland - Again with the accents...

8) Outer space  - Because if all stories set in space are as awesome as Mothership, than space is where it's at.

9) The beach  - Because everythime I read a story set near a beach, I can pretend I'm on vacation.

10)  The world of the Fey  - The Fey are creepy...and beautiful.  And there's magic.  And inevitably a dreamy boy, often times that is both creepy and beautiful and has magic.

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