Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Top 10 Tuesday: Most Frustrating Characters Ever

Top Ten Tuesday
Top 10 Most Frustrating Characters

The good thing about frustrating is that frustrating doesn't have to be bad.  There are several characters who worry me, excite me, keep me on the edge of my seat for far too long, but I still enjoy them.  Keeping that in mind, here is a list of ten characters that absolutely drove me batty...and the feelings I experienced at the height of my frustration.

1) Severus Snape (Harry Potter) - Are you good?  Are you bad?  Will you just pick a side already?

2)  Elizabeth (Pride & Prejudice) - Dear heavens girl, open your eyes!  

3) Sarah (City of Dark Magic) - Forget your libido and solve the stupid mystery!
4) Katniss (Mockingjay) - I realize that you have experienced something that NO ONE should ever have to experience, but if you don't get out of the stupid closet, take a deep breath, and live your life which is more than others have been given the opportunity to do, I'm going to go absolutely crazy.

5) April and her father (Ten Things We Did) - BAD PARENTS!  My goodness, what kind of parent lets their daughter stay in someone else's home for good while they go off to another state???
6) Charlie (The Perks of Being a Wallflower) - This was my own confusion, but...I honestly believed Charlie was autistic, and I just couldn't figure him out at all.

7) The King (Entwined) - Look here King, you have twelve daughters that desperately need you.  Forget tradition and get those girls outside!

8) Ruby (The Boyfriend List) - Ruby, you are a mess!  STOP IT already!  Thank goodness you're in therapy!

9) Frankie (The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks) - All things in time and moderation.  I'm with you Frankie...girl power!  But all things in moderation.

10) Mr. Matthews (My Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece) - Your son has, literally, worn the same shirt through this entire story.  Your loss is awful, but you have TWO more kids who need you!!

Thank goodness all of the frustrating, awkward moments work themselves out.  There are teens being teens, parents making bad decisions, and characters being forced to accept the horribleness that has been their life and move on.  Isn't that the beauty of fiction?  We get to experience all of that without ever really having to experience it all!


  1. Your list makes me laugh. And you're right, it's a good thing Ruby is in therapy. It makes me hopeful that she'll actually turn into a well-adjusted adult unlike the very similar Jessica Darling.

  2. Your list made my laugh too. April and her father were frustrating, and Katniss and Snape were definitley frustrating too.

    Yes Elizabeth is annoying but I still love her. :) Thanks for sharing.

    Here's mine

    ~Danica Page@Taking it One Page at a Time

  3. Nice list! If I could add one character though it would be Alex from Ilsa Bick's Ashes because... HOW DO YOU FORGET YOU HAVE A GUN WHEN YOU ARE FACING DOWN A GROUP OF ZOMBIES???!!!

  4. I can't say that Elizabeth ever really frustrated me. I guess I always get a little worried when she believes Wickham story.


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