Monday, January 7, 2013

Q &A : How to deal with pesky teens

Q & A: The Librarian : How to deal with pesky teens


Before and after a school break is usually a difficult time.  Teens can extra energetic, to say the least, and with time away, can forget how to behave in a library setting.  Don't worry, they'll get the hang of it again and settle into the normal routine, but until that time, Julia and I are offering up some suggestions on how to deal with those "pesky" teens.

Sidenote:  I consider myself a teen advocate.  I will go into battle for any teen that walks through my door as long as they respect the library and the other teens who are using the space.  But there are those times when you have to ask teens to leave.  And that's okay too.  It all comes down to consistency.  The teens that walk through your door should now what you expect from them, and they should understand the consequences of not meeting expectations.  Relaying those expectations (attainable expectations that take into consideration that they are still teens, loud, energetic teens) is the quickest way to building a welcoming, successful teen space.

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