Thursday, January 17, 2013

Library GrabBag - Six Word Memoirs

Library GrabBag - Six Word Memoirs

We have a very active afterschool crowd at my library.  On any given day, we have 20-40 teens hanging out in the Teen Room from 3-6pm.  With the onslaught of hormonal, emotional teens, we decided to keep them busy and on a schedule, which has worked miracles for our own sanity and made the space a more enjoyable and relaxed atmosphere.

  • Mondays - Wii checkout
  • Tuesdays -"Try It Tuesday", alternating between games, crafts, and tech classes
  • Wednesdays - Xbox checkout
  • Thursdays - Gaming tournaments
  • Fridays - Movie

The minute the walk into the Teen Room, they know what to expect.

This winter/spring we're also instituting a weekly activity in the form of a passive program.  For those teens that aren't video game junkies, the passive programs offer an opportunity to be creativity and express themselves in fun ways.

Week One - Six Word Memoirs

Never thought I'd work with teens!

Our first week (a short week) we had 34 entries.  Of course, there is a bit of bribery.  Enter a memoir, get a piece of candy.  I know they're only in it for the candy, but now they have something new to look forward to each week that's hopefully just a little out of the ordinary. 

Some of my favorites:

"I survived the 2012 world ending."
"My life revolves around Japanese things."
"I really dislike guys that lie."
"In some universe we're Time Lords." 
"I never developed any special superpowers."
"If only the doctor was real."
"Duct tape can fix almost anything."
"You would make a good Dalek." 

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