Friday, January 25, 2013

Library GrabBag: Book Faces

Another week, another passive program.  This week we tackled "book faces."  It went relatively well, and the best part, it cost us absolutely nothing.  Isn't that really the best kind of that comes in under budget and brings some success!

Our method:
  • Each teen that wanted to participate was asked to find a book cover that feature all or a portion of a person's face.
  •  We used our cellphones to take a picture of the teen holding the book up to their face, coordinating tilt of the head and exposed features.
  • Participation earned them a piece of candy.
  • Photos were shared on our blog and Facebook page.
They were absolutely amazed how many books there were to pick from, and the best part was helping them line up the cover correctly.  Any idea how few teens know their left from their right?!


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