Thursday, January 10, 2013

Junk Drawer: Line Movement

Junk Drawer: Line Movement

Our wonderful teens are back to school from a long holiday break, which means that the Teen Room is quickly falling back into a routine with afterschool visitors.  What better way to keep teens participating and interested in the library?  Offer programs!  But let's ease into it with a simple, FREE, craft that's fun for all ages.  

I found this gem on Pinterest (oh glorious pinterest).  It's called line movement, and basically it's an optical illusion that gives the appearance of a 3D hand.  What do you need...oh, just a piece of paper, pencil, marker, and crayons.  What?  Did she just say paper and crayons?  Yes she did.  It was hilarious watching the kids notice that this wasn't just a normal tracing of a hand.  There were many stories of hand-turkey drawings and deformed fingers.  Good times.  Just another wonderful moment watching teens get creative and pretend they don't secretly LOVE to color.

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