Saturday, December 1, 2012

Junk Drawer: Celebrating in Decemeber

Want something other than Christmas and Hanukkah to celebrate at your library this December?  A little research revealed tons of other options.  Some are CRAZY, but they could definitely be a good time.  You don't necessarily need a big program.  Passive activities and displays will work!

1) National Fritters Day : December 2 : What better way to celebrate a day then with 
    delicious fried cakes filled with fruit or meat?
            * Invite a local bakery or pastry chef to host a program
            * Take a poll and find out your community's favorite fried foods
            * Make a display of pastry and pie books
            * Bring a fritter-y treat for your co-workers

2) Wear Brown Shoes Day : December 4 : Simplest celebration ever...
            * See how many patrons you can get to wear brown shoes by advertising before
            * Give a piece of candy to everyone who wears brown shoes
            * Make a display of books about shoes and fashion, bring your funkiest pair of 
              shoes to dress it up

3) Bathtub Party Day : December 5 : Sit back, relax, and celebrate!
            * Host a program on making bath salts and scented candles
            * Make a list of relaxing reads
            * Host a contest and give away a gift baskets with bathtub goodies

4) Letter Writing Day : December 7 : Bringing back a lost art
            * Contact a local museum or historical society and see if they have any antique 
               letters you  can but on display
            * Start a pen-pal program between your school-age kids and local seniors group
            * Write letters to Santa
            * Teach patrons how to make homemade envelopes

6) National Brownie Day : December 8 : Celebrate chocolatey, chewy brownies
           * If you didn't celebrate Fritter Day, bring the pastry chef or baker to the library to 
             make brownies with your community
           * Host a brownie taste testing event
           * Host a contest for the best brownies, most unique brownies, or best looking 

7) Bill of Rights Day : December 15 : It's like the 4th of July, in December!
           * Not your average December book list, but pull out some nonfiction books and 
             celebrate our individual rights!
           * Teach a homeschool class on the Bill of Rights and the American Constitution
           * Have patrons make a list of what they think are our individual rights  
           * Bring in a lecturer to discuss the significance of the Bill of Rights on American 

8) National Chocolate Covered Anything Day
           * Put chocolate on everthing
           * And repeat the above...

9) Humbug Day : December 21 : I could get into this day...
           * Show The Christmas Carol (may I suggest the Muppets version)
           * Create a wall for patrons to vent their Christmas frustrations
           * Offer a "Getting Through the Holidays" class

10) Card Playing Day
           * Invite card experts to the library to teach classes
           * Host card tournaments
           * Build a house of cardes
           * Have kids and teens design their own pack of cards

There's so much happening in December, so have some fuN!

(There is also a "National Ding-a-Ling Day" but I'm not quite sure what that entails, and a "National Roast Suckling Pig Day" which is just kind of weird...)

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