Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Waffle Wednesdays: The Earl & the Fairy (again...) Vol. 3

Story & Art by Ayuko
A review in 10 words or less: The Fogman will get ya if ya don’t watch out!

Lydia and Edgar have returned to London after their adventure on the Isle of Manan. But life in the capital is no respite for the weary travelers. A being called the Fogman stalks the night streets, snatching children all around town. And it may have something to do with Edgar’s dark past…

~Amazon Description~

I’m not sure about this Lydia, or this story to tell you the truth.  There is a WHOLE lot of “I like you…I hate you…I like you…I hate you” going on and it’s kind of driving me crazy.  I’m definitely ready to step away from The Early & the Fairy next week for something new.  The search for the sword has stalled as Lydia and the Earl settle into life in the city.  Lydia likes being near her father, but misses the peacefulness of the countryside and detests being Edgar’s arm candy.  When a young baroness goes missing, Edgar enlists the help of Lydia, the fairy doctor, to sniff out the culprit, but what she finds is a terribly annoying girl who might have ties to Edgar’s past.

I’m still waiting for a slew of fairies and for Lydia to actually do something.  And while Edgar is appearing more trustworthy, he always seems to have another agenda.

On a manga sidenote:  My library’s Teen Manga Club is obsessed with Hetalia, and I recently purchased the anime for their viewing pleasure.  This weekend will be a Hetalia marathon!  Do you have a favorite anime I should check-out??

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