Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Waffle Wednesday: Shaman King Vol. 1

By Hiroyuki Takei 

When he takes a shortcut through a cemetery, Manta Oyamada meets a strange kid with headphones — surrounded by ghosts. The kid is the teenage shaman Yoh Asakura. Tapping the supernatural swordfighting powers of samurai ghost Admidamaru, Yoh fights Bokuto no Ryu, a sword-wielding gang member. But an even more dangerous opponent is stalking Yoh and Manta — a Chinese shaman who wants to possess Amidamaru.
~Amazon Description~
I almost liked this one.  Really.  I thought I might like it.  This shaman kid, Yoh, is pretty cool.  He can embody the souls of the dearly departed which comes in handy when big bad guys are after you.  Especially when the soul possessing you is some legendary samurai guy with a giant, lethal sword. And this shaman kid seems to be using his powers for good.  He's letting some finish, what seems to be, their unfinished business, and he takes care of those in need, but my goodness, what is up with his sidekick Manta?  That boy is annoying.  The art, the reactions, the words are all over the top, kind of drives me crazy.  Maybe Yoh will ditch him in later volumes.  We shall see I suppose...

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