Friday, November 23, 2012

The Raven Boys

By Maggie Stiefvater
4 / 5 Gnomes
A Summary in 10 Words or Less: The Raven Boys: The worst chastity belt ever and the search for a king.

Richard "Dick" Gansey has it all: family money, good looks, devoted friends. But he's on a quest for much more: Glendower, a legendary Welsh king.

Blue Sargent, the daughter of the town psychic, has been told for as long as she can remember that if she ever kisses her true love, he will die. Surrounded by the Raven Boys — the rich boys at prestigious Aglionby Academy — she never thought this prediction would be a problem. When Gansey and his Raven Boys enter her life, however, she's not so sure.

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First things first - I'm writing this Thursday evening, which is technically still Thanksgiving, so Happy Thanksgiving!

And this was an awesome book!  My adoration for Maggie Stiefvater keeps growing!  So much in fact that I've added the Shiver series to my 2013 must-finish series list (and I'm sooo over werewolves!).

The Awesome

1) I have my reservations about psychics.  Why mess with something you don't understand that could potentially bring trouble?  Is it real?  I don't know, but I have absolutely no desire to find out.  But I would love to live in the Sargent household.  Those are some seriously awesome ladies.  Not only do they have these wicked powers, but they are strong willed, outspoken, and sassy.  Loved them all, especially Calla who was particularly surly.

2) The boys.  I adored them all.  Sure, Ronan is troubled (and more angsty than HP in book 5), but he's loyal and tender in his own way.  (And I LOVED the raven reveal at the end!).  Adam is so much more than he allows himself to believe, which I see so much of in the teens that walk through my door every day.  He's proud, but ambitious and determined which kind of broke my heart a little.  And Gansey.  I admit it, I was crushin' a little bit on Gansey.  Despite the money and entitlement, his first thought is of his friends and what he can do to make their lives better.  Loyal to a fault.

3) Poor Blue with the most deplorable future, but that was probably the best part of the book!  Here are these wonderful boys that she's instantly attached to, and she can't be with any of them.  

The Not So Awesome

1) The's book one in a series.

2) A couple of fairly important characters are missing for huge gaps of time, almost to the point that you forget that their relevant.  It all comes together in the end, but I had completely forgotten about them by the end that I had to go back and refresh.

My Nook decided to lock and not unlock in a very crucial portion of the book which almost brought me to tears!  It was a Thanksgiving miracle when he it decided to cooperate this morning.  I really enjoyed Stiefvater's latest novel (even if it is a series starter...).  If you like supernatural elements, filled with ancient stories, mysterious happenings, and a bit of a love story, definitely give The Raven Boys a read.  (And if you haven't yet, READ SCORPIO RACES!!)

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