Monday, November 26, 2012

Q & A: The Librarian Way - Teen Film Festival

Hosting A Teen Film Festival

Do you have teens in your community who are busy creating content for the internet?  Do your local high schools have media classes and opportunities for teens to make films and videos?  Consider starting a teen film festival to showcase the talents of the youth in your city/town/region.

This week we're giving you a quick rundown on starting a cooperative teen film festival.  We'll give you a heads up on how we started, what we do, and where we're going.

An additional tip (after you've watched the video of course!), it should come as no surprise that school teachers and media specialists are incredibly busy.  Success in promoting in schools really comes down to making it as easy as possible for the school staff to relay information.  Each year I create media packets for every high school in the area.  The packet includes guidelines, entry forms, blank DVDs, posters, brochures, bookmarks, and school announcements.  It's really just a film festival in a box.  We also have staff in contact with each representative to make sure they receive extra items if needed and can answer any and all questions as quickly as possible.  If you're thinking of starting a cooperative program with a school, definitely keep ease and time in mind.

If you want more information, I'd be happy to email you a handout I created when Julia and I presented on our festival at a local conference.  And don't forget to check back to soon to view this year's entries.

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