Monday, November 5, 2012

Q & A: Library Shorts Episode 3

Emily's 3 Nonsense Tips for Completing NaNoWriMo

Year One: I wrote a rather ridiculous story about a girl who spends most of her life daydreaming that life is a movie.  From Annie to Star Wars, Kendall, my rather unwitting heroine, found herself in a cross roads from childhood into adulthood.  It was awful.  Actually, who knows if it was awful or not, I've never let anyone read it.

Year Two:  I thought a fantasy would be easy.  SO NOT EASY.  Even though you can make up your own nonsensical land, making up that many details is exhausting.  I totally had a renewed appreciation for Tolkien, Lewis, Martin, and Rowling.  Creating your own world takes a wicked imagination.  So, in year two, Juna, the child of prophecy, must defeat the ancient Evil to bring peace back to the land of Aladaar.  Again, very bad.

Now to year three, which I'm sooo going to fail, Adelaide Banister lives in an oppressive world (I apparently have a thing for tyranny!) and must work with the owner of the Emporium of Dreams and Lost Treasures to give the people of her town hope.  We'll see how this goes.

Check out our Q & A: The Librarian Way next week for tips on promoting and fostering a National Novel Writing Month in your library.

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