Thursday, November 1, 2012

Mike Meets Mike

5 Questions with Mike the Garden Gnome:

Mike the Gnome: (1) What is your favorite 80s movie?
Mike Mullin: "The Breakfast Club"
Mike the Gnome: (2) If you could live in any imaginary land, what land would you like to live in?
Mike Mullin: "Hmmm...All imaginary lands have some kind of conflict.  Which would I like to live in...probably Narnia.  I could hang out with a badger."
Mike the Gnome: (3) Where is your favorite place to read?
Mike Mullin: "The couch in my wife's office, preferably with a cat."
Mike the Gnome: (4) What would your petronus be?
Mike Mullin: "A squirrel."
Mike the Gnome: (5) What author meeting has left you starstruck?
Mike Mullin: "Richard Peck."

It's always cool when an author comes to visit your library.  It's even cooler when it's a local author you get to support.  And even cooler?  When an author agrees to get his picture taken with your favorite garden gnome and answer 5 goofy questions in a new segment: 5 Questions with Mike the Garden Gnome.

Mike Mullin, author of Ashfall and Ashen Winter, stopped by this past Saturday for a writer's workshop at my library, and he was absolutely fantastic.  Mullin puts together an excellent presentation.  He's funny, enthusiastic, and enjoys getting to know the participants and their journey in writing.  With NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) beginning, he gave some fantastic tips for enduring the writing process and getting in touch with your creative side.  

During the workshop I realized that I'm a "plotter" as opposed to a "pantser."  While "pantsing" has nothing to do with sneakily revealing someone's underpants by sneaking up behind them and tugging down their pants, I might have found myself snickering at the label.  I apparently do better by planning what's happening next instead of asking "who are these people I'm writing about."  Cool stuff.  By figuring out how I better organize, maybe I can make the NaNo process a little easier this year.

So, thanks again to Mike Mullin for playing along!  If you're in the Indy area, I highly suggest inviting him to your library or checking him out at a library near you!

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