Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Waffle Wednesdays: The Earl & the Fairy Volume 2

By Ayuko
A review in 10 words or less: "More kidnapping and very little fairies..."

Edgar and his small band must travel to the Isle of Manan, once home to the Blue Knight Earl. But the island is surrounded by merfolk, whose tragic songs cause rough seas and shipwrecks. And even if Edgar and his companions reach the island, they face death if it turns out he isn’t a true heir to the Earl...

~Amazon Description~

Today I got a lesson in manga reading from a wonderful after school teen.  Things I now know:  1) most manga include a "review" section at the beginning.  This includes character bios, plot explanations, and sometimes overviews of what happened in the previous volume; so when you can't figure out who the characters are and what they're doing, this can be helpful; and 2) Blank black pages means the end of a chapter. 

Volume 2:  From what I gather, the fairy doctor, Lydia, has agreed to help the maybe fake? Earl Edgar on his quest to find some ancient sword.  There are brownies, mermaids, a mysterious island, and again, this dude Huxley who keeps trying to steal Lydia and the sword for himself.  This Edgar guy is either a secretly good dude pretending to be bad, or he just has everyone fooled.  Hmm... I'm still trying to figure out who is good and who is bad.  And the title has fairies in it, so I'm really hoping a few more find their way into the plot.

The library only owns one more volume, so I hope a lot happens!

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