Monday, October 29, 2012

Q & A: The Librarian Way (Episode 3)

Fostering a Positive Teen Environment in Your Library


It's Monday!  That means the latest Q & A: The Librarian Way video.  We're still waiting to get into a groove during filming.  There's still quite a bit of laughing and retakes, but we're having an awesome time!

This week we're tackling a viewer question: How do you foster a positive teen environment in your library?  Great question Allison!  As always, I provide some insight on public libraries and Julia offers some tips in the school library realm.  If you have any additional comments, suggestions, or additions to the topic we would love to hear them!  Just leave them below or on our YouTube channel.

I wanted to attach a few pictures of the teen space at my library.  This room was five years in the making.  It started with building relationships and a solid teen, encouraging teen presence and morphed into a new Teen Department and teens-only space.  The room isn't fancy or stuffed with expensive furniture and gadgetry, but it's comfortable and welcoming, the two characteristics you really need to make the space inviting for teens.

Next week it's my turn for a "Library Short."  I'm going to reveal the awfulness that is my National Novel Writing Month stories!  Yeah!  Hope you'll check it out.


  1. Well! I thought you were always "inviting" your co-workers to library sleepovers and craft afternoons because you wanted us to have fun and expand our horizons.... you had an ulterior motive all this time... hmmm! Excellent video & resource. Good job, Emily!

    1. Maybe...Well-intentioned ulterior motives. Admit it, you loved working teen programs!


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