Thursday, October 4, 2012

Junk Drawer: Celebrating October

I know...this should be an easy one.  There are spooks and creeps galore in October that are easy to program and display.  But what if you don't want to do the obvious?  What if you want to celebrate something other than a tooth-decaying holiday (which is awesome, and soooo being celebrated at my library, but...)?

There are TONS of options.  Literally...TONS.  Here are a few you have to choose from:

  • Adopt A Shelter Dog Month
    • Invite local shelters to talk about adopting a dog
    • Invite local veterinarians to talk about adopting a dog
    • Host a pet meet and greet, inviting patrons who have rescued an animal from a shelter to come and make a new friend
    • Have a shelter drive to collect needed items for your community shelter
    • Plan a homeschool fieldtrip to help out a shelter for a day
    • Find a local dog trainer in your community for a program
  • Bullying Prevention Awareness Month
    • Resources on Bullying Prevention Awareness Month
    • Create a book display featuring published works that deal with the topic of bullying
    • Invite a school counselor to host a program at your library for parents and kids about the signs of bullying, ways to deal with a bully, and ideas for introducing safe, positive places in your community
    • Contact local organizations in your community that provide workshops on improving confidence and self-esteem in kids and young adults. (In my community, a local martial arts teacher hosts a "Bully Proof Workshop" that helps kids identify a bully, builds confidence, and teaches appropriate, safe ways to deal with a bully)
  • National Pizza Month
    • Plan a blind taste test pizza tasting for teens.  Can't afford tons of pizzas?  Let your local pizzerias know what you're doing and see if they'll sponsor the event!
    • Host a food program on tasty homemade pizzas
  • National Popcorn Popping Month
    • Host a food program on different ways to spice up popcorn
    • Have a local popcorn shop in your community?  Build community support by inviting them to your library for a program
    • Hand out popcorn to library patrons
  • Fire Prevention Week (October 7 - 13)
    • National Fire Protection Association
    • Invite your local fire department to do a program on fire safety in your home
    • Host a special program on fire safety just for kids (Stop, Drop, and Roll!)
  • Do Something Nice Day (October 5)
    • Have a volunteer fair at your library and invite local organizations in need of help to share information with library patrons
    • Plan a homeschool fieldtrip to a local food pantry or shelter
  • Mad Hatter Day (October 6)
    • Um...Awesome!  Have a crazy hat day at your library
    • Make crazy hats with your patrons
    • Host a Mad Hatter Tea Party
    • Host a regular tea party at your library and teach kids proper table etiquette
    • Plan a book discussion on Alice in Wonderland
    • Show Alice in Wonderland at your library 
  • Dictionary Day (October 16)
    • Host a spelling bee at your library
    • Decorate the building with words and definitions
    • Make a display of all of the interesting dictionaries in your library
    • Host word races for teens.  Give each teen a dictionary, yell out a word, and have the teens race to find the word first
  • Frankenstein Friday (October 26)
    • Host trick-or-treating in your library
    • Have a book discussion on Mary Shelley's Frankenstein
    • Decorate Frankenstein masks
    • Plan a monster makeup class in preparation for Halloween

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