Monday, September 3, 2012

Junk Drawer: Celebrating September

Are you looking for a September display, book club selection, program, movie night, or just a reason to add some pizazz to the month?  There are tons of ways library's can celebrate September!

  • Celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15-October 15) 
    • Create a book display that features stories with Hispanic characters and plot points
    • Invite a local Hispanic cultural center to the library to host an event
    • Show a movie that celebrates Hispanic/Latino culture: Selena, Tortilla Soup, The Mask of Zorro
  • Celebrate National Breakfast Month
    • Does your local school system serve breakfast?  Visit the cafeteria and book talk, hand out giveaways, and promote your library's upcoming programs during breakfast one school morning.
    • Host a breakfast for dinner night where patrons can share there favorite breakfast recipes.
    • Contact your local hospital and have a nutritionist present a program on the benefits of a healthy breakfast.
    • Invite a local bakery or coffee shop to come and teach patrons how to make delicious pastries, muffins, and warm tasty beverages.
  • Celebrate International Literacy Day (September 8)
    • Invite your Children's Department to host a special storytime/workshop to teach parents Early Literacy skills they can practice with their children at home
    • Host a monthly read aloud with kids or a homeschool group.  Invite your group to share in the reading experience and plan crafts and activities around the group read.
    • Pick a book to movie selection and enjoy both mediums.  Discuss the ways in which the book and movie differ.
    • Plan an author visit or host a local author fair. 
  • Remember September 11th
    • At a local library conference, a fantastic teen librarian suggested taping a sheet of butcher paper to a table top and encourage patrons to write down where they were on September 11th.
    • Create a patriotic book display
    • Invite a local recruitment office to teach kids and teens how to properly fold the American flag
  • Celebrate Roald Dahl's Birthday (September 13)
    • Enjoy a Roald Dahl movie: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Matilda, James and the Giant Peach, The Witches
    • Host a chocolate program.  Invite a presenter to discuss the origins of chocolate and how it's created, or have kids and teens make different chocolate treats.
    • Create Sculpey centipedes.
  • Other special days:
    • September 15th :Make a Hat Day - Crazy hat contest?
    • September 16th: Mayflower Day - Early Thanksgiving?
    • September 18th: National Play-Doh Day - Sculpture contest?
    • September 19th: Talk like pirate day - Just cracks me up...
    • September 23rd: National Checkers Day - Checkers tournament? Giant checkers?
    • September 25th: National Comic Book Day - Comic book trivia? Art workshop?
    • September 26th: Johnny Appleseed's Birthday - Apple deliciousness?

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