Thursday, September 20, 2012

Junk Drawer: CD Scratch Art

I'm not an artist.  And I'm not particularly crafty.  I try to be, but the art I create ends up looking nothing like the art I imagine in my head.  So it goes.  But not all art has to be super complicated!  Last week for our Tuesday teen program we tried CD Scratch Art.  Super easy, super cheap, and a whole lot of fun.

I found a great tutorial on Instructables, but it really couldn't be easier.  All you need is an old CD, some black acrylic paint (picked up a bottle in the craft section at Walmart for about $2.00) and a nail (or some other sharp, point scraping tool).  That's it!  Paint the CD with the black acrylic paint on the shiny side.  Be sure to wait about an hour so it dries really well.  Once the paint is good and dry, sketch out your design and then carefully trace back over it with your sharp, pointy scraping tool.  Don't push to hard.  You don't want to scratch the shiny surface or chip too much of the paint away.  And voila!  Craft complete!  My flower design kind of morphed into this little monster alien dude which I kind of like.  The skies the limit.



  1. Thank you so much for sharing this! I have no crafting talent at all, so I am always looking for something easy to do with my teens (or someone more talented than I am). I love this idea--I think I might try to include it as an Earth Day craft.

    1. No problem! It was super easy. The paint does take a solid hour to fully dry, so we painted them before hand, but had all of the materials to show the teens in case they wanted to replicate at home. I was just thinking that it would make an awesome (cheap!) wall decoration. You could do a theme to the etchings them hang them up in a pattern??? Hhhmmm...


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