Monday, September 17, 2012

Introducing Luna

There is a new member of TheGnomingLibrarian family.  She's an 8 week bundle of joy and complete destruction.  I introduce you to Luna Lovegood Ellis.  In an effort to find some perspective, restructure priorities, and leave work at a reasonable hour each day I decided to adopt this fur ball.  It has only been two days, but I know have a new found respect for parents.  Geez oh pete.

As for the name...I went through a variety of literary names.  I had two that were kind of stuck in my mind.  I thought Scout (of To Kill A Mockingbird fame) would be adorable, and I also loved Lola (shout out to Stephanie Perkins and Lola and the Boy Next Door).  My mother, however, commented that Lola sounded like a strippers name, so she suggested Luna, and I knew immediately that was the right choice, especially after falling for the puppy's happy-go-lucky attitude.  

I'm sure Miss Luna Lovegood will share many a book adventure with me and Mike, and I look forward to growing with her.

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