Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Junk Drawer: Friends & Blogs

Have I mentioned that I get to work with some amazing people?  Broken record, right?  It's just hard not to shout from the rafters when you love what you do and are surrounded by people who share a similar passion.  One such person includes one of my favorite bloggers at Sunbeam Yellow.  Mrs. Sunbeam is a school librarian just down the street from my library, so I get the privilege of working with her often.  We are always scheming and searching for new ways to keep the love of reading alive while attempting to bring teenagers into the fold.  And we might possible be planning our very own YouTube channel, cross-blog, video making bit of awesome  which fills me with giddy excitement.

Mrs. Sunbeam is truly an inspiring high school librarian.  Be sure to follow her blog for tips on anything and everything including do-it-yourself home decor, crafty awesomeness, tasty recipes, fantastic fashion, insightful book reviews, and tips on bringing all things wonderful into your life.  Whether you are a programming librarian or just inspired by cool people doing really cool things, file the Sunbeam Yellow blog into your junk drawer, that catch all place filled with possibilities, because it has it all.

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