Friday, August 24, 2012

Junk Drawer : Beam Me Up, Scotty to popular culture, librarians are pretty cool people.  We don't just sit around and read all day.  Our pointer fingers are not permanently attached to our lips in a shushing motion.  And yes, you do have to go to school to be a librarian.  We are a passionate, ambitious crew that recognizes and covets our inner-geekdom whether in technology, reference books, vampire fiction, or the now wildly accepted nerdy pop culture realm.

So when I saw this on last week's CBS Sunday Morning Show, I knew there were possibilities.  And I knew that I had an amazing coworker when she approached me, having seen the same feature, beaming with excitement, and offered to email the group to pick their brains.

Somehow, someway, I'm going to bring Star Trek in the Park to my community!  (Outdoor Theater: Star Trek's Final Frontier) Can't you just imagine a public library summer reading program that brings together like minded individuals to share in the awesomeness that is the U.S.S. Enterprise in fun, hilarious ways?  I can!  Now in my junk drawer for future to start a library theater group that celebrates classic TV?

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