Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Meeting "Happy Bunny"

It's Happy Bunny : Love Bites
By Jim Benton

Love. It's just like hate, but somebody gets candy.

So, you've made the mistake of falling in love. Let Happy Bunny be your guide as you wade through the whole stupid love thing--from crush to crash, from hook-up to break-up, from going out to going insane. Happy Bunny knows how you feel. It just doesn't care.

Inside this funny full-color gift book, you'll find tips on dating, crushes, & secret admirers from a bunny with attitude.

True love lasts forever, or until something better comes along.

~ Amazon Description

It's Happy Bunny : Life. Get One.
By Jim Benton

Everyone's favorite bunny with attitude presents words of wisdom for all life's endeavors, like:
When life gives you lemons, squirt lemon juice into the eyes of your enemies.
Is the glass half-empty or half-full? Who cares? Learn to focus on the things that truly matter--like yourself and money. In this charming collection of ancient bunny wisdom, you'll find painfully honest twists on age-old advice as Happy Bunny shares the secrets to a happy and rewarding life. YEAH, RIGHT.

~Amazon Description~

Every two months my fellow teen librarian and I give a little cheer on VOYA day.  Voices of Youth Advocates is a bi-monthly professional magazine dedicated specifically to teen services and  readers advisory, and VOYA day is the day the magazine arrives.  We're librarians.  We're a wee bit nerdy (proudly nerdy) and get pretty excited when the magazine arrives in our mailbox.  As I was reading this month's issue, I came across a mention of Happy Bunny.  Happy Bunny is sarcastic, snarky, and shares the antithesis of sound advice.  In one simple word, brilliant.  
I'm not sure how Happy Bunny has remained off my radar.  It seems a shame I've gone so long without this little furry creature who needs a serious attitude adjustment.  The pure genius in the book is that it is spot on teen humor, at least the teens who sprawl across the furniture in the teen room at my library on a daily basis.  They are amazing quick witted and absolutely hilarious if you're paying attention enough to hear them mutter under their breath.  They might too need an attitude adjustment at times, but they are endearing, just like Happy Bunny.
In Love Bites, Happy Bunny teaches the reader how to deal with having a crush, keeping love, and how to handle the inevitable break up.  Best line:  "Chapter 2 - Spying  'It's just like when two people in love go for a long walk except one of them doesn't know they're being followed.'"
Life.  Get One. strives to provide some useful nuggets of wisdom for the recently graduated.  Sure, you feel a little bad laughing (ex. "We must never, ever be mean to stupid people. If we are, they might go away.  Then who will we laugh at?"), but sometimes you don't want Dr. Seuss' sweet advice.
If you want a little snark in your life, check out Happy Bunny..."Happy Bunny knows how you feel.  It just doesn't care."

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