Monday, May 7, 2012


By Myra McEntire
Available June 22, 2012

Rating: 3.5 / 5 Gnomes

A threat from the past could destroy the future.

Kaleb Ballard was never supposed to be able to see ripples--cracks in time. Are his powers expanding, or is something very wrong? Before he can find out, Jonathan Landers, the man who tried to murder his father, reappears. Why is he back, and what, or whom, does he want?

In the wake of Landers's return, the Hourglass organization is given an ultimatum by a mysterious man. Either they find Landers and the research he has stolen on people who might carry the time gene, or time will be altered--with devastating results for the people Kaleb loves most. Now Kaleb, Emerson, Michael, and the other Hourglass recruits have no choice but to use their extraordinary powers to find Landers. But where do they even start? And when? Even if they succeed, just finding him may not be enough ...

~Amazon Description~

So, I probably should have reread Hourglass before tackling Timepiece, or at least the last third of the book.  I felt like I was playing catch-up a bit, but that was my bad.  It didn’t take me long to remember why I had enjoyed the first part so much.  The story is complicated and extremely layered.  You kind of have to work to keep up, but I really like that about the plot.  McEntire does an amazing job creating a world where time travel, vails, and super-natural abilities are possible. 

So cool to hear this portion of the story from Kaleb!  Emerson was fun, but Kaleb, trying to be the bad boy Kaleb, is just so sincere and compassionate.  Sure, he can’t help it, feeling the emotions of everyone around him.  But what a special dude that uses his powers for good, genuine good.

And I love how the villain is pure villain!  Jack Landers has zero redeemable qualities which is quite refreshing.  Most stories at least try to get you to sympathize or empathize with the bad guy.  But not Jack.  Jack is just rotten.

For a different, refreshing supernatural/scifi selection, check out McEntire’s Hourglass series.

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